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Will St John

Will founded DND studio - Do Not Disturb following his experience developing property in London with the belief that our built environment has the potential to offer us much more. today, we have the tools that mean design and construction can positively impact society, the environment and for stimulating our senses and wellbeing. his objective is to help transform our relationship with our built environments through these 'architectural experiences'; whether in our homes, workspaces or public buildings.


Maria Jose Salgueiro Trillo

Maria is a partner at DND studio, and champions one of our core pillars: to 'not disturb' the natural ecosystems and environments in which we live.  her professional objective is to contribute to the advancement in sustainable architecture by focussing on efficiency in buildings through the lens of space, energy, materials and construction. having lived and worked in South America, the Caribbean and Europe she has a strong sense of creating architecture appropriate to the context both spatially, culturally and environmentally. 

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